Top 10 Quotes for Life

Are you tired of watching TV, reading a newspaper or magazine? 

If you replied yes to this question, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find the top ten quotes of all time.

  • “A retiree should not let age take control of him. He should keep an open mind and remain willing to learn something new and more beneficial.”


  • “I have found that one of the best ways to live the most comfortable and enjoyable life is by learning from experience. If a retiree can do that, he will live the longest period of his life. He has to be able to understand״ 


  • ״The different situations in life and how they affect other people’s lives: A retiree must be able to handle any type of change in his life in a positive way. He has to be flexible in his thinking״


  • “The future will not be what we desire, but it will be what we allow ourselves to make.” 


  • ״When life is handed to you, don’t just take it. You will not be able to repay your parents with your life, so instead, enjoy it and give it all to those that deserve it״


  • “Take care of your family by helping them with the money they need to make ends meet and help them with the school fees and daycare costs.”


  •  “We have lived before, but now it is time for us to live forever. If you would rather give it away than get it.”


  •  “A good friend of mine was asked why he would love life so much. He said that he enjoyed it because he did not have to worry about anything.” 


  • “You’ve got to enjoy every moment you’re living because it will pass.” 


  • “While there are some people who may not have the opportunity to plan for a better tomorrow, others are sure to face it.”

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